Saturday, July 24, 2010

Biz E. B. Bakery

Dad wanted me and Brenna to learn how to make a cakes so we could make money when we are teenagers. Brenna and I gladly agreed; we thought it would be fun. Last week Mom and Dad finished their weight loss contest, Dad won. He wanted us to make 2 cakes; a winners cake and a losers cake. The winners cake was supposed to have a medal on it. The losers cake was supposed to be white with black spots like a cow.
Mom and some videos from the computer helped us a lot.

Here is how we made it. First we had to crumb cote the cake, next make the fondant, then cover the cake, last but not least decorate it.

I think it turned out great.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


For Joshua's Birthday Grammy was able to be here. Joshua got lots of presents and Grammy took him shopping for a suit. Josh wanted key lime pie and a cookie cake but both of them didn't turn out right.

The first day we went to the island and had a picnic.

Grammy taught me some embroidery stiches:the couching stich, french knot, and a few more.

Grammy and Josh made pates. They turned out great.

Grammy and Brenna went to the valley together. Grammy also took Brenna shopping for her birthday because Brenna's birthday was the week after Joshua's birthday.
We had a great time with Grammy and Mark.