Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Mini "Farm"


Our "farm" is slowly deteriorating.  Our goat named Kiddie that we got a month ago, was given away to some people who have a field and a lot of goats. Every time we had to leave we had to open the gate of course so we had to tie her up and there wasn't much for her to eat. And at least now Kiddie has some friends after her own kind and oddly the same color as she.

The brown baby chicken that I held when it was just a baby was the first to die. Dad said that it was an impacted crop. He could feel the corn in its throat. That was our favorite one. We buried it near the fence.

Next it was our grey chicken Jingle. That was Mom and Brenna's favorite. Once before Jingle had a hard time laying an egg. At first we didn't know if she was dying. We put her in a separate cage and finally a couple hours later she finally laid an egg. Well, A few days ago the same thing happened, but this time she died. When Dad picked her up by the legs she was so stiff that she didn't bend over. So, we then buried her, too.

Well, the rest of the chicks were all getting fuzzy. The black ones were the prettiest, but they all died. The yellow ones are dying off now.  We are now down to two chicks. They are the uglier ones, but I hope they don't die.  I will miss going outside and watching them.
The rest of our chickens are all healthy, eating like kings, but there is one problem, they stopped laying eggs!
 As you can probably tell we were not meant to be farmers, but we do enjoy having animals.


  1. I didn't know we only have two left! :o(
    Miss you guys and love you so much!

  2. Your family farms like I garden, *giggle. I do try and sometimes things grow :-) Praying for your mama so she can get well and go home to all of you. xx

  3. I have a 12 year old daughter and this post really made me realize that I need to be more consistent now about teaching the importance of being pure and chaste. Great post. God bless.