Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Dollhouse

This is the front of our playmobile Dollhouse. Me and Brenna got a dollhouse for christmas. We were wanting to get a dollhouse for a long time and we finally got one. Me and Brenna were wondering if we were going to get one. They said they were getting ready a gift. Finally they were done and they showed the wrapped gift. They were in small bags. So, then we didn't think we were getting one. On christmas morning we opened up some playmobile. Then Dad and Joshua Brought out the dollhouse. We Have Played with it a good bit even with Mom. The front of our dollhouse has window flower boxes. This is the living room.

This is 2 of the bedrooms.

This is the laundry room.

This is the last bedroom the kids bedroom.

Since we first decorated the dollhouse we have changed it a little. We are so blessed.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Learning French and about St. Barths

We are learning French because in St. Barths the people speak french. We're going there so we can witness to them. Mom and Dad have classes at Madame Claire Plante's house and me, Josh, and Brenna have classes every Wednesday night with Madame Roy. Learning french is very hard and one of my Dad's favorite jokes is he thinks that in heaven we'll be speaking french because it takes an eternity to learn!

St. Barths is in the West Indies. It is a very small island and is a volcanic rock. We will have to eat mostly fish and maybe some snails which is Escargot. I do not really like fish, but if it's fried I like it! And some other recipes I like too. For breakfast we will be mostly eating french bread. And for breakfast and dessert we will be eating Chocolate Croissants. When my Mom and Dad went to St. Barths a couple of times they got a can of coke and cheetos at people's houses. I like that part!