Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Second and Third Early B-day Gifts

The first early birthday present is doing very good, but since I have been doing a lot of school I haven't been able to really play with her. Joshua and sometimes Brenna have been teaching her tricks like touching the ball at the end of a stick and getting a treat.

   My second early b-day gift is that know I have my own emailing address! It is  I have already gotten 4 emails.

My third early b-day gift ( another one of those special ones ) is God sent us 11 baby chicks.

 They are so cute!

                                                  We like the brown one the best.

 The only thing is that they are not really ours, you see, when we first started getting chickens in our yard we would catch them and put them in the coop. We got 8 chickens but there are still three more chickens running loose, a rooster named Tiglathpaleaser ( Josh named it ) and two hens: one named Roosty and another named Pox ( a real ugly one that looks like it has chicken pox or something, thus named Pox.) Well, we didn't see Pox and Roosty for a while. And then all of the sudden today she showed up and a little later her baby chicks. I was looking out the window wondering if she had chicks and then I saw them. I yelled out, " She's got chicks!" Then Joshua rushed in for he was outside and he said the same thing so we all rushed out of the house to see them. What another great gift!

I wanted to hold one so bad. Finally, Dad picked one up and I asked, " Can I hold it?" It was so soft. I wished I could hold her longer but we let it go to follow its mother out to the other side of the fence. I remember sometimes Mom telling me about when we had chickens, when we lived in Missouri, and one time she couldn't find me and she finally found me squatting near the chickens watching the baby chicks.

This picture reminds me what the Lord said in Luke 13:34, it says," often would I have gathered  my children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings,..." That's a wonderful verse.

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